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However, if you recognise and acknowledge his every effort, he will soon be hooked on the praise and admiration that he gets from you.

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Don't mistake chemistry for love, compatibility or commitment.

Take your time to find out who he is and what he stands for BEFORE you allow yourself to get attached to him. It's strange how women almost seem committed to a new relationship from day 1. Men take much longer to make a decision on commitment, even though they will quite happily have sex with you from day 1.

Hold back and take your time to see what he is prepared to put into your relationship before you make a decision about whether he is the sort of guy that you would be happy to commit to.

If you decide you want to keep him, concentrate on building the chemistry in your relationship by making it a fun, relaxing place for him to be. Appreciating him and the things he does for you will make him feel good, which in turn will strengthen the bond between you.

Dating success really does come easily when you know what works with men and dating.

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