Most intimidating football grounds

With a wholly appropriate nod towards religious devotion, the statue is called The United Trinity. For tours, go to Read more: 7 Mancunian writers defined by the north Most grounds built a century ago have gradually been swamped by other buildings, points out Simon Inglis.

But not Elland Road—which is still in a no-man’s-land in the south of the city, just off the M621.

Plans are now underway for a £260m redevelopment including a hotel and (shudder) a “food hub”. For tours, go to Known across the world, Wembley is “the home of football”, England’s national stadium and the scene of any number of great events—including the 1966 World Cup win (so long ago that the country England played no longer exists), and Live Aid in 1985.

Even Pele spoke about Wembley in reverential terms.

Throughout that time, the club captain was Billy Bremner, the growly, diminutive Scot who rarely went out of his way to avoid a scrap.

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