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-Had a relationship sexually with a student Aria Montgomery (exposed) -Formerly engaged to Jackie Molina (exposed) -Pretended to be present when Ella Montgomery was grading Emily's test in order to get her out of trouble - Lied about his family history and the fact that his family is rich (exposed) -Had a relationship with Alison (exposed) -Is Board Shorts (exposed to The Liars) - Got close to Arianna for research for his book about Allie (exposed) - Was with Alison the night she disappeared (exposed) - Knows that The Liars buried Elliott Rollins Ezra Fitz, born as Ezra Fitzgerald, comes from an extremely wealthy family from which he is almost entirely estranged, having both rejected his existing and future inheritance, and changed his last name from Fitzgerald to Fitz.

In the summer after high school graduation, he had a girlfriend named Maggie who got pregnant, but his mother paid Maggie to leave town and have an abortion.

Afterwards, Ezra decides to propose to Aria, who accepts.

He pulls up next to her and opens the passenger side door.

He drives to a secluded street and they give in to their feelings once again.

After some arguments, Ezra agrees to leave Nicole behind and resumes focusing on planning his wedding with Aria. The two start talking about college, traveling, writing, and music, hitting it off right away.

When Ezra mentions that he's come to Rosewood to teach, Aria lets him think she's a bit older than she is. The next Monday, they are both shocked to find that Ezra is Aria's English teacher.

In Season 7, Ezra reunites with Aria after the time jump.

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