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The reindeer left an awful mess, but we didn't mind.

Carrots and Magic Reindeer Food on Music Session in the Family Room Colin at the Christmas Swim the Grass Roof on Christmas Eve (I did it too, but I'm not posting up a photo of me in my togs after Christmas dinner!

We will be writing more about the conference in the very near future, with some photos to show you too. As expected, it was really inspirational and I left with a bagful of new contact details and a lot of excitement about the future of contemporary earth building.

25th January 2013 We have changed the look of our Home Page, Our Cob House Page and the News and Articles Page, just to remind you to browse through some of our other media platforms from time to time. Generally we post images of houses and buildings from around the world which are built from natural materials, have organic designs or anything else which takes our fancy.

As always, we can put together a special course just for you. Very soon, we hope to have an online booking form set up, to make the booking process simpler for you.

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