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Indeed, the messages from military men are among the most shocking in her projects.

In Letters from Johns, one remembers '[brothels] – especially in Asia – that not only countenanced violence, but offered it à la carte’.

'And the sex industry is where those hidden lives take place.’ Not all men, but a significant proportion: about 11 per cent of British men admit to having visited a prostitute at least once, twice as many are estimated to have been to a strip club, and roughly 60 per cent make regular use of pornography.

For years Breslin reported from the sets of hardcore pornographic films for Playboy TV’s Sexcetera.

Breslin, in jeans, and thick socks to keep out the cold (it’s -6°C outside), guides me into the sitting-room where her husband, a Marine whom she met four months ago, formally introduces me to the snarling creatures.

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