Nastia liukin who is she dating

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I'm an only child and have no cousins, so Matt's list is a little longer— must be the Italian family!

We wish we could invite everyone, but drawing a line is a must, which will be hard.""Growing up as the only child, I'm so excited to have two sisters, Lisa and Michelle.""I've had a vision of my wedding dress for so long, but when I finally started trying on gowns, it did alter a bit.

“I want a guy who respects me for how hard I work for my gymnastics, but I almost want a guy who doesn't really care about it, doesn't make a difference,” Raisman said.

“Obviously you want a guy who can date a girl who's successful and driven and has a career and has a goal, but you don't want that to be the reason why they're dating you.”So, no fame-seekers need apply.

"I'm really obviously very excited to spend the rest of my life with him,” she told .

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