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How will I get through these carnivorous harridans and make it safely inside without being mauled half to death? Taking my life in my hands, I fight through the fists and wails of the baying mob and into the ugly concrete building to relative safety.Once inside, I am led to the inner sanctum: a dark, unattractive dressing room, containing lots of Haribo sweets, several gallons of hair product and, finally, JLS.

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Niked fock girl

“We’re just exhausted.” And this is where things improve. “Imagine you have a bus with loads of beds, and an XBox! “And a naked girl runs on to your bus on your birthday!

When I ask them what it’s like being in JLS, Aston, eyes now as wide as saucers, says: “Imagine your bus.” I say that I don’t have a bus. ” Crikey, I say, as he explains to me that this happened to him just the other week.

A 14-year-old girl was gang-raped at a house party in Washington by two 16-year-old boys who then shared photographs of the assault on Snapchat, police said.

The girl told police that her last memories were of drinking at a house party in Yarrow Point, dancing and falling asleep in a bedroom.

They are the UK’s premier boyband (forget manbands such as Take That).

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