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Other people may register the birth in exceptional circumstances. Different options are available to gay men depending on their specific circumstances.

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Registered sex offenders in Utah are governed by certain constraints as far as where they can travel, how often they must update their information on the registry and, for some offenders, inviting a child to accompany them anywhere. Registration requirements last for the duration of the sentence and the following 10 years after termination of the sentence in some cases, and for life in more serious cases (see below for specific break down of 10-year registrations vs.

You have a legal responsibility to register your baby within 42 days of the birth.

Please note that as of 1 November 2017, due to legislative changes, we will no longer be issuing a free short birth certificate.

Opposite sex couples If the baby's mother and father were married to each other at the time of the birth, either parent may register.

In these circumstances, the mother may register the birth alone, but the second parent's details can only be entered if they attend to register together.

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