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So it looks like the LMS is reporting the same link in every case which is not correct but in any case the https and links dont play on LMS but do in VLC. Error reading headers: Bad response status line: 'ICY 200 OK' at Now that's interesting: the http S url would indeed return a non-HTTP response "ICY 200 OK", whereas the http (without S) url returns "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" - as expected.

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Also just for info the radios only operate through LMS - I added the favourite through my Squeezebox just to assist with info for debugging.

Strongman Leaders and Digital Media Thursday, April 27, 2017 p.m. While at State she advised on issues related to Internet freedom and open government.

Otherwise install latest 7.9 maker sure install SSL.

edit: This may be a new variation of the podcast https issue.

Emily was the Chief Strategy Officer at Parlio, a Silicon Valley start-up that was co-founded by Egyptian activist and former Google executive Wael Ghonim. DAVID FOLKENFLIK has been NPR’s media correspondent since 2004.

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