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You’re a straight dude and trying to decide which pictures to post to your new online dating profile.

At some point, you will probably ask yourself: shirtless, or no shirtless pics?

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The overwhelming number of women on Reddit who discussed shirtless pictures confirmed that context matters. Basically, if you post a picture like that to your dating profile, you’re pretty much warning others to stay away.

Moreover, Zoosk says that a man increases his likelihood of receiving messages by 19% if he posts an image doing something outdoors. Just please don’t flex your guns—or worse yet, point to said guns (we’ve seen those pictures, and they’re not attractive. Right Swipe does lifestyle photography for dating profiles and social media.

sea eagle story was missing key details such as the name of the victim, the hospital where he was treated, and the country in which the alleged sea eagle attack took place (although it did reference a state and city name).

The Foreign Journal was the sole source for this story: we checked various Queensland news outlets and found no mention of this alleged incident.

Experts say the fearsome bird mistook the man’s exposed privates as a couple of birds eggs and dropped in for a tasty snack.

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