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=) Oh and another thing: disabling "check for updates" has always been the way to go, because updating from within the program used to download and install a Korean version. Videohelp.com's version does not include FFmpeg, Libav and Open Codec when extracting the setup files..I say used to because I don't know if that's the case anymore. and are a separate [email protected] H could you give an example of some media that would be affected by this?

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It did not seem to write an registry entries, but on startup and shutdown it called home to net & net.

I didn't spend a lot of time on traffic analysis, but there was a kb of upload.

Old versions can be downloaded from here: Player Here's a compressed 32 AND 64-Bit version (using gbrao's launcher found in this thread), including a nice skin, all set up and ready to go. [email protected] Xon it's common knowledge that the official English Potplayer download is and has always been from

act=category&id=55The site you refer to distribute the latest version yes, but it's almost as they use that site for pre-Beta testing.

Check out my Portable Pot Player Generator here :https://sites.google.com/site/gbrtools/home/software/portable-potplayer/information Optional : download 32/64 bit installer, install XMP4 Aero English Skin, create portable in portableapps format, create shortcuts for portable Pot Player.(The program includes 7z.exe, 7z.dll, xmp4 skin & shortcut generator - hence the 1MB size.)On Win SP XP3 x86 - for all versions of Pot Player after v1.5.36421, the app freezes on closing for about 5 seconds.

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