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A war of independence in the early 20th century was followed by the partition of the island, creating the Irish Free State, which became increasingly sovereign over the following decades, and Northern Ireland, which remained a part of the United Kingdom.

Northern Ireland saw much civil unrest from the late 1960s until the 1990s.

The culture of the island also shares many features with that of Great Britain, including the English language, and sports such as association football, rugby, horse racing, and golf. This in turn derives from Proto-Celtic *Iveriu (compare Welsh Iwerddon), which is also the source of Latin Hibernia.

Iveriu derives from a root meaning "fat, prosperous." During the last glacial period, and up until about 12,000 years ago, most of Ireland was periodically covered in ice.

For the sovereign state of the same name, see Republic of Ireland.

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