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On the other hand, there has been an increase in the proportion of adults in de facto relationships, which more than doubled from 4% to 9% over the period.

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Religion In 2006 most couples (87%) were made up of people who shared the same faith (including no religion) of their partner.

This suggests the importance of religious affiliation to partnering, given that by chance alone, the probability of someone partnering someone of the same faith would be much lower.

Changing social attitudes during the late 20th century have led to an increase in de facto and same-sex relationships as well as giving people more freedom to end relationships, start new relationships or remain single.

PARTNERING The proportion of adults living with a partner has declined during the last two decades, from 65% in 1986, to 61% in 2006.

Males had a higher level of qualification in one-third (34%) of couples, with women having a higher qualification in almost one-quarter of cases (24%).

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