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Account aggregators may have maximum processing limits, so they may not be ideal for businesses that have aggressive plans for expansion.

Yowza Merchant, for example, only allows its level one merchants to process ,000 a month with a 0 maximum per transaction.

Direct processors, such as Chase Paymentech and Elavon, can also provide you with your own merchant account.

If your business processes more than $3,000 per month, a traditional credit card processor may offer you better rates.

Mobile credit card processing can be used as a stand-alone service and serve as your sole means of accepting credit and debit cards.

Many have a flat-rate pricing model that's easy to understand and lets you estimate your processing costs.

It's usually the most cost-effective processing option for businesses that process $3,000 or less per month or for those with small sales tickets.

Visa requires merchants that process more than $100,000 a year to get a merchant account, even if you choose to continue processing through the aggregator.

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