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To start filling in the gap, Levitt and Venkatesh looked at data from the Chicago Police Department.

They found that women working the streets were making an hour but less than ,000 a year (they don't log a lot of hours).

Waltman says that there's a lot of debate in Sweden because some people inside and outside the industry still want straight-out legalization but that no systematic studies have shown that the law has made sex work worse or riskier.

Better to give women more recourse to head off abuse and even inspect brothels for health-code violations. "By this logic, the state of Nevada should be awash in foreign sex slaves, leading one to wonder what steps the Justice Department is taking to free them," writer David Feingold noted dryly in in 2005.

Would legalizing prostitution increase trafficking? Countries in which prostitution is legal—Australia, Germany, the Netherlands—aren't cesspools.

Two lessons here: 1) A law that isn't being enforced much may not be worth having; and 2) Eliot Spitzer looks really, really unlucky.

When Philippine police smashed into the one-bedroom house, they found three girls aged 11, seven and three lying naked on a bed.

The extremely pricey outfit Spitzer apparently used looks like an example of the high-end trade Nussbaum would distinguish from low-rent street work.

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