Freexxx web chats - P5e updating jmicron jmb363 controller

It got audio out working, we didn't test any of the other inputs or outputs. Install Method: 10.5.6_Leo_install_Disc_Rev1, Onboard Audio Working (Choose ACL888 3 outputs), Onboardd Video Working (Choose GMA950) - Only one resolution - I believe that is no patch for the GMA3100 video chipset, On board Lan Working (Choose This Driver is from Realtek [30]), Two IDE Hard Disks (The smaller one used for Time Machine), Sata (didn't tested), Needed patch for time machine, it is not in the DVD (or i didn't found it). Install using i Deneb v1.4 10.5.6 with default Vanilla kernel. Made a small USB bootloader drive with syslinux - found instructions in forum. Sleep Kernel, Audio (Alc 662 Azalia), Ethernet (Realtek 1000), I'm using Ge Force 9500GT 512Mb and had to generate strig to add to 100% Working (w/ full HW accel.) on vanilla 10.5.6 when flashed with Mac 3from this thread.

Onboard Audio ALC888 and Onboard Ethernet Card works flawlessly (with Intel 82566 series). Copied different to USB drive - found in forum (apparently the one from the Boot-132 didn't have dsmos.kext? Required some fixes to work: Audio (Voodoo HDA.kext), Ethernet (Intel82566MM), USB (Apple USBController). 100% Working (w/ full HW accel.) on vanilla 10.5.6 with its stock when using this disabler to avoid the QT/mouse lags under 10.5.6 just add EFI string using EFI Studio thats it!

Other issues unidentified proccessor I used About This Mac to fix it. Other than that you can perform a full retail fresh 10.5.6 install with a real retail DVD with this guide. It is the only guide that has everything working properly. You MUST have SATA DVD and HDD and use the yellow SATA ports. latest Rev 1.6 mobo speedstep works, Time Machine works.

The guide uses a Core2 Quad 2.66, all hardware works fine except there are advantages to using the recommended network card. If you have an ATI card, you might have to boot install disc in safe mode - depends if install disc has your device ID. Install using i PC OSx86 Public (no PPF needed) 10.5.6: no kenerl selected (9.6 vanilla default), no graphic card selected (use NVDarwin 1.25 later - i use gerfore 9600GT), selected Intel ICH10 SATA, JMircon ATA for JMircon IDE (You should choose a DVD drive with SATA interface because you won't get problem with JMicron IDE driver later), ALC889A but not working (have to use later), Realteak 1000, Patched USB driver, Power Management Package (Superhai packed), SATA Drive icon fix (new) - for sure : D, Dual boot time sync (if you're going to use windows/mac osx), shudown/restart fix, patch DSDT, SMBIOSResolver. the NIC and USB both work out of box with nothing needed.

Sleep works but kernel panic if shutting down after wake up. Must install one of the DSDT patch and 10.5.5 (if not installed some dmg file will cause kernel panic upon mounting) Shutdown ok / Restart ok ( Install DSDTPatcher and 10.5.5 and Apple SMBIOS-27rev3-Mac Pro ) If using SATA DVD drive to install, plug it as an external drive.

In Bios, set SATA as ACHI, j Mircon as ACHI, revert both back to IDE after install OS reports a Mac Pro 3.1: Shutdown, Restart works. Still running on one core (will update when DSDT is working). Dual core e5200 and 2Gb 2 kingston 800 ram working. Same little problems in Snow Retail and i Atkos L2(ipc on pata ok, i Atkos on sata...) . Updated via MAC OS X 10.5.6 COMBO UPDATE Installation instruction in richtext format: download here. ) Tested on : Q6600 @3,25GHz -- 6GB DDR2 @800Hz -- Gigabyte 7900GTX (No Open GL) -- 200GB IDE HDD(Backup HDD IDE DVD Burner -- OSx86 on 250GB SATA HDD -- Win Vista64 250GB HDD (Dual boot not working) Still working on : Open GL for the GPU & Dual boot.

The categories themselves are ordered by popularity. i ATKOS 5i ( fan on my PS stays on- old style) I did use osx86 toolbox after I set up my lan, This runs fast on a t5600 (1.7 core2duo) But the board will get a t7600 as soon as price get down.

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