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In this film version inspired by “CHi Ps,” the TV series that starred Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada, Jon’s partner, Frank “Ponch” Poncherello, is played by Michael Peña.Kristen, beautiful in a long black dress in this amusingly naughty chat at The London West Hollywood Hotel, was teased about her “Baywatch” red swimsuit moment in “CHIPS.” Was that her dream come true or her director’s? “I will say, in his defense, because I was told somewhere else, ‘Your husband gave you a lot of cleavage (exposure).’ I was like, ‘Please hold. Honesty Thou shalt not lie, or thou shalt lose thy tongue.

“About two weeks later, we met at a Kings-Red Wings hockey game. I said ‘hello’ and we were both like, ‘Oh, you were at that party.’ “I remember how I knew he liked me. ’ I said, ‘No, just this (she demonstrates taking gum from her mouth). he did ride his motorcycle to my house for our first date.

Then, he went like this (she shows how Dax took the gum and put it in his mouth). I violated your privacy and got your phone number from Shauna. He thinks he’s a super-cool dude (laughs), which is still how I feel about him.” The voice behind “Anna” in the animated hit “Frozen” gushed, “When I am at work, I get to spend the day with someone I adore and who … It’s the best of both worlds.” How much is she in love with him?

Video of Girls in Pattaya Hotel Room Getting Naughty There was quite a bit of difference in the girls as you would expect, but again some goods and bad's to think about.

I found that in general the Thai girls were more attractive, but the Filipino girls were bit more playful in general.

“I got my motorcycle license to impress him,” she revealed with a smile, her blue eyes twinkling.

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