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Before you think of buying presents, make sure you have fulfilled their basic needs, followed by school expenses and savings.

Only then can you consider buying small, inexpensive presents.

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Knowing there is always some luxury your family is waiting for makes one feel inadequate and unable to focus on more important objectives. Pay your debts Rarely is anyone able to pursue their dream of an OFW life without the help of loans. Remember that you will one day return to your family who will need you to be healthy and in good spirits. Study the technicalities Always be up to date on immigration practices, rules and laws that apply to you.

Before you spend on yourself and take requests for presents, create a plan to pay off all your debts. Don't just rely on your agency or recruiter to tell you what to do.

When it comes time for you to go home, do not be persuaded to stay or take on another job just for more money.

If you planned it well and managed your money wisely, you should have a decent amount with which to retire or start your own business back home.

Do not allow your children to develop the habit of constantly asking for non-essential items.

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