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Created in 2000, the original The Sims was instantly a fan favorite.

Its loading screens and crashes excited players, and, of course, this lead to expansion packs.

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Pkmn dp dating sim lulz

This list is only a handful of the many expansion packs sold by EA.

In case fans' hard drives weren't full and wallets weren't empty yet, a 2003 EA brainstorming session came out with "stuff packs" that don't really do anything except add more fancy stuff to "update" your Sim's homes with.

In the first game, the gameplay was supposed to consist of crashing to the desktop every five minutes (this was a tried and tested formula in the games buisness).

After receiving multiple complaints, Will Wright released the following statement: "The fact that you have 10 gigabytes of custom content, most of it hacked objects, has nothing to do with it, although an, erm, bug in the game prevents the interaction tree for 'Function - Desk Crash' to always return as $FALSE.

It won numerous awards, such as Worst Game of the Year and Ugliest Graphics, prompting EA to make a sequel, which won more awards.

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