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Carved out of single basalt rock piece, this cave temple is able to grab the attention of many visitors.The temple is said to be built during the Rahtrakuta Era and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.To his surprise, a natural statue of the Goddess was found here and thus Durlabhseth decided to build a temple here.

Durlabhseth tried visiting all the temples dedicated to the Goddess but as he grew older he had trouble commuting.

One night the Goddess appeared in his dream and asked him to dig at a specific place in North-West of Pune.

The majestic Sinhagad Fort is perched on one of the isolated cliffs of Bhulaswar Range of the Sahyadris.

The fort is reckoned to be built two years ago and has many myths and tales attached to it.

The major temple here is called Parvati Temple, which was once a private shrine of the Peshwa rulers.

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