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Said the text, "Cases reported to the state are the most serious ones—usually resulting in arrests.

Even so, nearly 30 percent of the officers accused of domestic violence were still working in the same agency a year later, compared with 1 percent of those who failed drug tests and 7 percent of those accused of theft."The visualization conveys how likely it is that domestic abuse by police officers is underreported in states without mandatory reporting requirements–and also the degree to which domestic abuse is taken less seriously than other officer misconduct: For a detailed case study in how a police officer suspected of perpetrating domestic abuse was treated with inappropriate deference by colleagues whose job it was to investigate him, this typically well-done It would be wonderful if domestic violence by police officers was tracked in a way that permitted me to link something more comprehensive and precise than the National Center for Women and Policing fact sheet, the studies on which it is based, the analysis, or other press reports from particular police departments.

"In many departments, an officer will automatically be fired for a positive marijuana test, but can stay on the job after abusing or battering a spouse," the newspaper reported.

Then it tried to settle on some hard numbers: In some instances, researchers have resorted to asking officers to confess how often they had committed abuse.

Ryan Anders, a narcotics officer," who "broke into his ex-wife's home and fatally shot her.

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