dating site for singles in australia - Pros and cons of dating a fraternity guy

Freshman guys can be consumed by the idea of having that wild college experience.They might be too into the party scene and aren’t looking to settle down any time soon. Danger Ahead” label, because these young bad boys can be pretty hard to tame.It seems as if we’re either stuck with the senior guys whose hookup history we know by heart, or the infamous underclassmen.

So it may be difficult to snatch em’ up before they leave.

It’s a tough game to play but don’t worry, there are loopholes.

Think about it from your typical college guy’s perspective.

What boy wouldn’t want a fresh-faced group of girls to party with or possibly settle down with?

Junior: : These guys have been in school almost as long as you have and you might even know the same people in certain social circles.

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