Pspvc updating ffmpeg

Take a look at the next post where GHDpro has already started with a simpler guide than this one.You just have to note that by re-encoding the video you will lose quality.However if you want to add subtitles (which are found as softsubs in the MKV file) then it's the only way, unless the XBOX360/PS3 magically supports TTXT (no it doesn't, been confirmed).

Play Station Portable Video Converter (PSPVC) is a FFMPEG front-end to convert video files for the PSP.

Play Station Portable Video Converter allow you to queue severals conversions with different parameters for each.

The batch script executes different commands based on what media file you have, since not all of them can be treated the same.

In this section I will explain how to identify them.

You can use the simple and useful comic2pdf utility to quickly convert comic files (cbr, cbz) into PDF files.

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