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To those who know Channelview, Wanda Holloway’s story is a story of place, and to understand the place is to understand almost everything.

“God created Channelview so the people of Pasadena would have someplace to look down on,” said criminal attorney Mike Ramsey, who was born and raised in Channelview.

Neighboring communities like Deer Park and Baytown were created and dominated by Shell and Exxon and so maintained a corporate courteousness that Channelview lacks — the place has no sponsor.

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People here have even steeled themselves against the very air they breathe, laced as it is with industrial toxins: “We don’t trust air we can’t see or hack off a chunk and chew on it for a while,” joked one resident.

As is true of many places where passions lie close to the surface, so too does the desire for redemption.

In the sixties and seventies, when Wanda Holloway was coming of age, the high school students could be evenly divided between dopers and ropers.

Mike Ramsey and most of his friends grew up on better-than-nodding terms with the bars on Market Street.

She said she could handle it.” As has also been reported, Terry Harper, fortunately, could not. The two officers who arrested Holloway on January 30 would remember that when they told her that she was charged with solicitation of capital murder, she showed no reaction at all.

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