Ray gordon dirty chat room

From there it's off to some combination of meditation, Jacuzzi time, throws in the batting cage and sprints on the field, all before his teammates come out to stretch. They call it "power shagging." Gordon will take his position in left field and react to every ball hit in his vicinity as if it occurred in a game situation, going through all the motions of his crow hop and chasing after every ball in the gap as if it were the ninth inning of a tied game.Center fielder Lorenzo Cain and right fielder Nori Aoki have started doing it, too.

It's not that he's difficult or unavailable or even fussy.

In fact, vice president of communications and broadcasting Mike Swanson will tell you Gordon is "phenomenally media savvy" and "ridiculously polite." He just can't afford any wasted seconds -- or milliseconds, for that matter.

Dewberry: (interview) He was trying to get me to understand what the shortcomings were and about staying with the team and he was trying to get me to be I guess better than I am evidently.

In fact - and this is a real first for me - one of your tables was so frustrated, they phoned for a fucking pizza.

During media availability from Oriole Park at Camden Yards on Thursday, Gordon was the only player not at the table because it occurred at the same time as his session in the trainer's room.

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