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This is a very touching song that can have a lot of meanings.

It goes beyond relationships and into something much deeper — the regrets, worries, and significance of separation from a loved one.

The versatility of the meaning of this song is simply impressive although most people that hear it will reflect on their relationship with a loved one.

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Their schedules are likely filled with travel plans and meetings, with scarce free time dedicated to family. Everybody's asking them the same questions millions of times.

You can begin to think about, 'OK, what is something different that I could provide this person that would make it worth their time to speak with me or meet with me? On that note, you should be thinking of how you can add value to a potential connection without expecting anything in return, at least immediately.

The third line can be taken away from just a breakup and relationship and translate into meaning that the breakup wasn’t by their own fault.

This could be from a car accident or a death from old age.

Levy may not be a Wall Street billionaire or hotshot advertising executive, but over the past five years, he's built the "Influencers," a network of over 400 interesting and impressive people that includes everyone from Nobel laureates to Olympic athletes.

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