Rock n roll dating

Here’s a look at the highlights of his professional and personal life.This remembrance of Elvis Presley is part of our AARP Icons series.

By early 2004 he was embroiled in controversy when he performed at the Super Bowl XXXVIII wearing a poncho made from the American flag.

He was criticized by some groups for desecrating the flag, but much of the furor was ignored because of the bigger clamor around Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" during the same show. They became engaged in April 2002, ended their relationship in 2003, then reunited and married in July of 2006.

He’d also started to lean more heavily on country and rock in his samples, and decided to form his own band, Twisted Brown Trucker.

He then signed to Atlantic Records, and in 1998 his fourth album, , sold over 14 million copies in the wake of his breakthrough single, "Bawitdaba." “We got such a diverse record,” Rock told an interviewer on its release.

Rock was released from his contract by Jive shortly afterwards.

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