Ron and hermione dating fanfiction

"Something more useful then wards anyway.""What do you mean Wards?" Harry demanded."Potter family's always been good at making wards," Ron explained.

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"But I hoped that one of you might have thought of something I didn't.""Purebloods," Hermione said disdainfully.

"Locking up information that could be used to defeat Voldemort.

"Then we might have a few more options.""Ron," Hermione screamed."Care to explain that mate?

" Harry growled."I'm just saying that her family might have specialized in defence or something," Ron defended himself.

The old man pulled a book out of his desk and presented it to Harry, "if you have any questions that the book can not answer then I'm sure Professor Mc Gonagall would be happy to answer them.""Uh," Harry's jaw dropped as he read the title of the book. " The old man asked with a twinkle, "then what do you need?

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