Secret live sex chat

And Whisper found itself embroiled in scandal after asked for an update on its progress.

In an important change, you can choose to share to your location rather than to your friends.

Secret says it supports "thousands" of locations, including many colleges and universities in addition to cities.

Gone are the slow-loading square photos overlaid with words; in their place is a Twitter-like feed with snippets of text.

You can still add a photo to your post, but it appears in a circular thumbnail next to the text.

(You can also block or mute people you don't want to talk to.) The absence of a private chat feature had led to difficult workarounds for Secret users who wanted to connect through the app: creating one-off Gmail accounts and leaving the address in the comments, say, or using Anonyfish, a third-party service built for the express purpose of letting Secret users chat.

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