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In video games like has been linked to teen suicides. By contrast, the Netherlands had a teen birth rate of 5.3 per 1,000, Switzerland is 4.3 per 1,000, and Germany is 9.8 per 1,000. Research has shown that non-sexual physical contact has a profound impact on people's emotional and physical well-being.While this is considered fine and normal, showing the naked or partially naked human body on TV is considered extremely taboo. Europeans also have have lower STI rates, and far lower rates of HIV/AIDS. Despite this knowledge, and our hyper-sexualized tendencies, America is one of the most touch-phobic countries in the world.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight 875 landed at Seattle-Tacoma airport while on fire, shocking travelers on the ground.

Luckily, the flight didn't have any passengers on it at the time, and no injuries were reported.

Sydney Trains, an Australian transit company, recently released footage from August 2017 showing a man jumping onto the tracks before leaping back onto an adjacent platform. Officials described the individual as "idiotic" and "reckless," as his actions nearly caused his legs to be smashed by the train.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is installing massive, 25-ton floodgates and other state-of-the-art measures to protect New York City’s train and vehicle tunnels.

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