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Well, there are really only two viable choices worth considering. These days, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a business using Slack.

It’s everywhere, not because it’s the default chat application for Windows or Mac OS, but because it’s the best. The interface is clean, stylish, and straightforward.

Tiny Chat is the brainchild of Daniel Blake, who says that the main goal was to make chatting simpler.

As Blake puts it, “not everyone has the same messenger software, not everyone is computer knowledgeable enough to even use a messenger client, but everyone knows how to click a link sent to them in an e-mail.”Of course that simplicity also means Tiny Chat doesn’t offer much in the way of privacy, in fact since Tiny Chat uses a pretty simple URL scheme, it isn’t hard to guess your way into other people’s chat rooms.

But, if you’re looking for a traditional — albeit, outdated — experience, you might want to try Pidgin.

Last modified 09-Apr-2017 20:27