Sex spy cameras in the states

READ MOREThere is now a 15-year minimum-mandatory prison-term law in Chicago for any citizen who audio or video tapes a police officer.So basically now the Jackboot thug police can abuse citizens and get away with it.

Sex spy cameras in the states-51

Homeland Security has purchased 1,600,000,000 hollow-tipped bullets just in 2011-2012. The answer is war with the American people when our economy implodes due to the blatant theft of the U. economy through reckless debt-spending/ borrowing; thus, making the banksters filthy rich (they were already morally filthy, now they're also immorally rich). This earthly life isn't even a speck of dust compared to eternity.

Their day of reckoning is fast-approaching, thank God!

Mayor Richard Daley plans to use more than 2,000 cameras across Chicago to act as hundreds of eyes that can catch suspicious scenes and alert officials to a possible terror strike.

It will be like having police stationed at scores of potential trouble spots.

In addition, private building owners, including apartments and businesses, could pay a fee to add their security cameras to the system.

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