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In an article titled ‘Ban On Sexy Music Video Raises Gay Rights Campaign Profile in Kenya,’ Anthony Langat describes some scenes in the video: (The video)…shows a well-toned young man, naked apart from his underpants, leaning over his tattooed male lover in bed.

The video displays a warning which reads: This video contains imagery and a message that may be unnecessarily offensive to some.

Part of the lyrics say: The song also uses a verse on love from the Bible (1st Corinthians chapter 13) which emphasizes the value of love over other good human actions.

It highlights different relationships of people of the same sex and the different challenges they face on a daily basis, ranging from public scrutiny to legal actions taken against them by some African governments.

The description of the song in the video reads: A Kenyan song about same sex rights, gay rights, LGBT struggles, gender equalities, gay struggles and civil liberties for all sexual orientations.

The board went on to state that it did not issue a license of approval for the production of parts of the video that have been produced in Kenya and that any person found distributing the video on any platform shall be held liable in line with the law. The Constitution of Kenya does not expressly protect the rights of homosexuals.

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