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I had to use my shitty pajama pants that have a hole in the crotch. But yeah, it was the same sort of thing where I was like, “hm, my clit exists.

Interesting.” It was fine, but I wouldn’t use it as a method of achieving arousal, personally. There are other things I’d rather do that would work better for me, like using some sort of stimulating gel on my clit or watching porn or something like that. I did try this pump on my friend Stella Harris, who is also a sex educator, and she said something really interesting. ” She said: Well, I’ve never been presented with someone’s genitals where I was like “oh, this isn’t my style.” So, that’s never happened.

So, I’m curious, what drew you specifically — : I guess I was just curious if it would like, you know, enhance your experience or make you more sensitive. The pump that we both tried, it’s made by Size Matters and it was sent to us by She Bop and Early to Bed who graciously made our pumping dreams a reality, so thank you to them. That one is from LA Pump and there are a ton of cylinders for that one as well.

And just after taking T (testosterone) for a while, I was kind of just like, “let’s see how big this thing can get.” : [laughs] Wow. There’s a penis cylinder, there are pussy cylinders, there are all different diameters of cylinder…

: Yeah, they should use that as a slogan or something.

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