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Zoila learns of this the next day when Remi asks Valentina to quote the movie they saw, and once again she is furious.

She wonders if Remi's friends know that she scrubs his toilet for a living, proceeding to go to Genevieve and point out how bored Remi must be outside of the frat house.

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However, this doesn't stand in the way of him and Valentina being together, nothing does, not even Valentina's mother.

Born to Genevieve and Philippe Delatour, Remi grew up in a rich household, never having to worry much or take care of himself.

She tries setting some boundaries, but Valentina has no interest in obeying.

Knowing that Remi and his friends are going to the movie theatre that night, she dresses up and seeks them out, revealing that she designs her own clothes and getting a stamp of approval from them, with Remi himself even stating that he likes her.

His parents divorced when he was young, and he was under the primary care of his mother.

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