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Cat & Nat go live on Facebook every day at 12pm EST from wherever they happen to be!Thousands of women and moms from all around the world tune in to chat with Cat & Nat in real time.Also, I had to ‘save my sperm’ as my girlfriend thought they’d be more powerful and healthier if they were ‘dying to get out’.

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While to some people finding themselves pregnant comes as a pleasant bolt out of the blue, to others the whole process of conception is one of cold, military style planning and this can prove a trifle irksome to some men.

Matt, 31, recalls the planning that went into his first child with wry bewilderment.

The 1D hunk was spotted giving some abusive fans the finger after they hurled insults at his girlfriend.

Meanwhile some of the other boys have been spotted getting cheeky online.

“Thankfully we now have sex when the will takes us, and not just when my wife is ovulating.” When some men find out their partner is pregnant, and idiot-switch flicks on in their minds. “Virginia told me she was pregnant and my sex drive literally evaporated overnight,” he says.

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