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The site of Shetland’s Norse parliament is north of Scalloway, and to the south are the islands of Trondra and East and West Burra, offering two excellent sandy beaches and good walks.

For a beautiful beach and walk visit St Ninian’s Isle, the largest active tombolo in the UK.

The highlight of the north west of Shetland’s mainland is the district of Eshaness.

Ancient volcanic rock forms dramatic cliff scenery with stacks, natural arches and blowholes.

It's not hard to spot seals and with some luck—or a local guide—you could meet some otters or orcas.

There are more than five thousand years of history to absorb, like Mousa Broch, a forty foot Iron Age tower-house.

In season it is an excellent place to see puffins at close quarters, as well as thousands of other seabirds and a favourite spot to look for whales, dolphins and porpoises.

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