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While according to all the stories it's all but official that Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are dunzo, the duo was all smiles out to lunch together in LA yesterday afternoon before she hosted the rehearsal dinner at her house.Apparently Tony met Jessica with a kiss before lunch at Katsuya and as you can see they left together holding hands in the car. With Ashlee's wedding today and all the rumors about Tony coming or not coming as Jess' date, it's pretty sweet to see the two together before the big day.Tony may insert what I have named the "porker clause" in his prenuptial agreement.

By way of example, Michael Douglas has reportedly agreed to pay Catherine Zeta Jones a paltry sum of five (5) million dollars in the event he cheats on her during the marriage.

Likewise, Tony may include a lifestyle clause which could very well include penalties for how much weight Jessica may gain during the marriage.

A prenuptial agreement, if drafted properly, is meant to be a contract between two consenting adults.

A prenuptial agreement can serve many purposes, such as protecting assets, determining how assets and liabilities will be distributed in a divorce, protecting how one's estate is distributed in the event of death and the avoidance of spending substantial sums of money in the event of a divorce action.

If Jessica decides to agree to such a provision, Jessica's lawyer would need to make sure to account for any and all defenses to such a provision or it could result in more litigation in the long run.

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