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Groups meet for 12 sessions, once weekly to discuss parenting challenges and triumphs, to receive information and support about parenting, to meet new families in their neighborhood, and to offer organized play time for their children. Special groups can also be formed on request (teen parents, single parents, homeless families, dads, etc).Any families with children birth to 5 years old, going through the “normal joys and frustrations of parenting”.

City & County Department Of Parks & Recreation beach park, picnic areas, campgrounds (permits required), kitchen/group site area (reservations required), wildlife refuge within the park, canoeing, interpretive talks by staff for groups.

Offering a safe and confidential facility for women and their children who can no longer remain in their homes because of domestic violence. Trained staff assist women with safety and future life planning, and make referrals for housing, legal, and medical needs and recovery support services for those with substance abusing behaviors.

The PRC works to raise awareness, connect people to resources, and motivate people to take action to prevent drug abuse in Hawaii.

Features include the state’s most comprehensive collection of books, periodicals, brochures, factsheets, and videos on drug abuse, prevention, and related issues. Volunteer-facilitated peer support groups for families with children birth to 5 years old.

Groups in Kaneohe, Kailua, Manoa, Honolulu, Ewa and Kapolei. To use services: Interested parents must call in themselves; Family Hui provides information, referrals if necessary, and gets information to put parents on the list for the next group.

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