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I know that it takes a lot of strength to do this, but I believe that I'm one of those special... I love my husband but he doesn't meet all my needs.

My current boyfriend on the side meets some of the missing needs but he could never replace my husband. There is a religion that once allowed it's adherents to have many wives. How do you have something unique with a man, a husband, if he has many wives? I think I could handle caring for more than one wife I am very diplomatic and like to see everyone happy.

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I think it's a neautiful thing for families that can handle being in a large setting like that.

I really want to marry Kody, Meri, Janelle, Robin, and... Now maybe this is selfish but i have never really been a very domesticated girl. In the past there was always someone to give the bride away. Keep house, raise children, and enjoy each others company.

Now, she’s gone even further and fallen in love with another man.

magazine about the miserable ex-wife of the reality star.

By understanding that I need sacrifice my selfish wants, I came to dream new dreams that... These younger women are looking for their age gap love romance.

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