Smartdate dating site

After contacting then again through their web portal, and after another several day gap, they responded that they did indeed locate the charge to my credit card, but would NOT refund or investigate!

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What's the use of writing to Smartdate service if they don't reply. Usera be very aware, because once they debit you they don't refund you! " Smartdate needs to change their activities to one that actually is smart.

I have really bad experience with this dating website ( DO NOT BECOME MEMBER, and do not fel for nice pictures or messages, most of them are fake :( STAY AWAY from Smart Date. YOU CANNOT CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP unless you have an attorney get involved.

Men who listed themselves as Caucasian and living in London were consistently making very basic grammar errors.

After reading a few of them, (before I even looked up the site for scams) I started thinking that they all seemed to sound the same. When I noticed that, I began looking at all their posts with speculation and deleting the ones that were obvious scams.

When I got suspicious, he would call in an effort to keep it going. No I did not send money but boy did he beg to get it!! Just started this Internet dating thing and finding an unreal amount of women stuck in Africa abandoned by boyfriends that stole everything and now need help getting out and are more than willing to be the love of MY life.

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