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He volunteered as a military chaplain in the Vietnam War, and he died among the men he administered the Last Rites to. Blessed Carlo Gnocchi initially joined the Italian fascist troops under Mussolini’s rule out of loyal nationalism rather than genuine charity.

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“No site is good for everyone because it varies based on age, how you use the tool, who you’re looking to meet, what kind of relationship you’re looking for and what your personality is like,” she says. That way, I’d be reaching a smaller community of people with specific interests.

That didn’t sound too bad – in fact, it made sense.

Every saint who fought in battle knew what it meant to be a soldier of Christ.

It meant to bring peace to the troops on the battlefield.

As a young adult, I was fond of the symbolism behind “bearing our hardship of the Gospel as a soldier of Christ,” according to St. Warriors like Joan of Arc (my namesake) encouraged me to prepare myself for the good fight.

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