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Sophie Monk's dating history includes more than more engagement! " Sophie revealed that she had thought in the past that she'd get used to the idea of marriage after a proposal.

Our new Bachelorette opened up to Stav, Abby and Matt With Osher and explained that she's been engaged on several occasions. maybe more than a few," Sophie said, before revealing why she always accepts a proposal. "Well I thought eventually by the time I got there I'd want to be married... " Listen to the full interview in the Stav, Abby and Matt With Osher catch up on the Hit Network app.

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"It's really nice to hear that, so thanks."Not the most romantic response, but at this and a pretty strong final pitch. Instead of diving into a pool of $2 coins, Scrooge Mc Duck-style, he's staring forlornly into Sydney Harbour, thinking about sperm."At hometowns, Stu told me some things that really raised some questions," Sophie says, hinting at Stu's vasectomy."So for today's date, I've got a lot on my mind." She gestures to her chauffeur to take them to the closest men's health clinic.

No, instead they go to the Sydney Aquarium to play with dugongs.

I'm ready to settle down and I don't want you to," she tells the young'un."I don't want you to!

I want you to take over the world and you're gonna 'cause you're so humble. Australian singer, actress and radio personality Sophie Monk is the new Bachelorette of Australia’s reality show (Season 3).

A: I think I want them to be; otherwise, they are going to take on a life they didn't know they were going to take on, and I don't think that's fair because it is a lifestyle and it is my job. I also just want someone who supports me and doesn't think it's that big of a deal and doesn't want to gain from it as well. My exes have been competitive and they've wanted me to stop, or just have you there and not share you.

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