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They do everything they can to keep smokers happy while leaving the bar area smoke-free! Check out the pics from the NYE POF PARTY AT SHORTYS Posts15769823WOW! I have had a TON of emails from some very nice people who want to come to their very first POF party! I will make sure the we get what we want from the bar... Shorty's has a specially designed HEATED smokers area within a few steps from the bar!And I know we will have many more that did not sign up come too!!! Be sure to get there early if you want to SPEED DATE! Shorty's has a lot of dinner specials so come early if you can and get a good table for the evening!

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A low key, sophisticated approach to dating in Detroit.

Preferring a 'less is more' environment devoid of typical event trappings.

We won't be too far from Pontiac International airport so I know there are even more hotels in the area.

Olde Mill Inn-Clarkston5835 Dixie Highway Village of Clarkston, MI(248) 623-0300Sherwood Motel2460 Dixie Highway, Pontiac, MI(248) 335-9417Waterford Motel2201 Dixie Highway, Waterford, MI(248) 338-4061There are also a few chain motels near Pontiac international airport which is only a few miles away from Shortys.

Here are the closest 3 hotels I found last time I looked on google. If you want a good deal check with priceline or elsewhere online (try googling waterford mi hotel or go to priceline and search for waterford mi).

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