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Following Crossing the Line, Andy drugs Sophie and Mel Burton. Mel, Sophie and Louise Summers stop her and report Andy to the police.

He rapes Mel and leaves Sam to rape Sophie, but he does not. Sam and Andy, both on the top of a cliff, are caught in a fight between themselves and Russ. Russ manages to grab the pair, however has to let one go, so lets Andy fall to his death.

Broadcast in March 2000, the late night special involves a 90s disco at the club where Ruth Osborne discovers Lewis Richardson's gambling addiction.

The late night special broadcast in 2005 sees Andy Holt spike Dannii Carbone's drink with GHB before raping her.

Andy then reveals his activities to his friend, Sam Owen, who agrees to join Andy to drug and rape girls.

He then dies a painful death causing celebrations round Chester to those he raped The episode followed events in the main series which saw Kathleen Mc Queen blackmailing her family. It is sponsored by British retailer Matalan and hosted by Rick Edwards.

The episode features Rhys Ashworth and Jacqui Mc Queen attempting to cheat during a game of poker with Brendan Brady and Danny Houston. The series first began in 2008, when it was named Hollyoaks Music Special, a one-off programme hosted by Rick Edwards and former Hollyoaks actor Matt Littler.

The characters appearing included: Mitzeee Minniver, Carl Costello, Riley Costello, Seth Costello, Malachy Fisher, Mercedes Fisher, Theresa Mc Queen and Nancy Hayton. Ste Hay and Cheryl Brady go to a cinema where old clips from Hollyoaks are being shown by a familiar face.

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