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A school friend there told Ed Caesar for The Sunday Times that Manning's personality was "unique, extremely unique.Very quirky, very opinionated, very political, very clever, very articulate." Manning became the target of bullying at the school because she was the only American and was viewed as effeminate.

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Manning had come out to two friends in Oklahoma as gay, but was not open about it at school in Wales.

and apparently abandoned her once during a camping trip; her aunt told The Washington Post that Manning awoke to an empty camp site one morning, after everyone else had packed up their tents and left without her.

The court heard that Manning was fed only milk and baby food until the age of two.

As an adult she reached 5 ft 2 in (1.57 m) and weighed around 105 pounds (48 kg).

Brian had joined the United States Navy in 1974, at the age of 19, and served for five years as an intelligence analyst.

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