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Karina Wilson is a British writer based in Los Angeles.

As a screenwriter and story consultant she tends to specialize in horror movies and romcoms (it's all genre, right?

When the whole thing has to do with writing the screenplay correctly.

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In screenwriting, as in speed dating, this means busting out your A-game from the get-go: choose scenes and characters that will take up space in those first five pages with the utmost care. So, in the interests of perfecting your opening sally both on the page and in the bar, let’s take a look at a few of the tried and tested speed dating tactics that will make you – and your screenplay – stand out from the crowd.

All dating advice anywhere, ever, begins with ‘Be Yourself.’ It sounds easy enough, but the prerequisite of yourself, and how to present your true face to the world.

You have less than five minutes to charm, enthrall, titillate, amuse or otherwise hook your target.

What you exclude is as important as what you include.

Readers will throw scripts out due to lack of inproper formatted scripts and spell mistakes and grammar mistakes.

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