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A dear friend of mine happened to work at the local fertility clinic and suggested that I meet with a doctor there to discuss our options.

Thus began our journey on a path that would change our lives forever. Smith (his name has been changed), it was clear that his goal was to help us get pregnant.

One fertility site says with 3 to 6 cycles of IUI, pregnancy rates can be as high as Speaking with Dr. As the treatments began—blood tests, ultrasounds, surgery to treat endometriosis, at least two cycles of intrauterine insemination—my desire for a baby only grew.

Unfortunately, so did my stubbornness and my impatience; I was determined to be a mom at what felt like any cost.

I was making decisions out of fear and other unruly feelings rather than out of a clear mind that was capable of weighing the risks and benefits to all persons involved, including any new human life that may be created in the process.

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