Sunriver dating

Even though I visit many of these places regularly, I am still amazed at the beauty and history these locations offer, which can be different with every season and every visit.

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You might see gray whales here even during non-migratory times.

Cape Perpetua Scenic Area Spend a few minutes at the dramatic wayside viewpoints, or spend a day or a week hiking this dramatic stretch of coast through rainforest and along rocky coastline.

Just south of Astoria is Lewis and Clark’s Fort Clatsop, where it is easy to picture yourself back in time over 200 years ago when America’s most famous explorers spent the winter here.

Walk through the full size re-creation of the explorer’s fort, and you’ll see their charts laid out on the candlelit desk and smell the smoke from the fires that kept the chill off during the dank, dark and wet winter of 1806.

Hiking trails connect the three parks, and the end of the cape offers access to a beautiful intertidal area.

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