Table not updating with form backdating an

I understand I can look up the contents but issue is that the adress in the parent table may or may not be the same as we want in the stores table.But being able to copy the address in the child will minimise our typing effiort where address is more or less the same.You will also find it makes your database useless for anyone who needs to use it in Access 2007.

If stores are being added via Grid Edit , then actions would be your best bet.

But if they are being added on Forms, then I would suggest using form rules.

I have a stores table related to a parent (shopping centres) where we have an address field.

When creating a new store, is there a way to copy the contents of parent table to the address field in stores?

For example, if you have fields named Quantity and Unit Price, how do you get Access to write Quantity * Unit Price to another field called Amount? " Calculated columns are part of life on a spreadsheet, but do not belong in a database table.

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